Through many years of representing the icon of engine care, STP, we have applied our heads and hearts to developing a stream of high energy, impactful campaigns via PR, events, advertising and sponsorships.

Stir – and mix well…

With a who’s who of motor racing history in its storybook, STP is a true icon of performance and recognised by modern day sporting icons.  Frequently, this has triggered highly visible MPH campaigns, such as when we arranged for Christian Horner, Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula one team, to step into the 1971 F1 March 711 of the late and great Ronnie Peterson for a memorable drive on the hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed,  capturing another moment in history in front of the huge public attendance at the annual classic.  A nine-page Octane feature on the car added to the PR value, as did other celebrity drivers of classic STP racing cars at Goodwood, including Damon Hill.

A celebration of the fastest men on earth…

Our mine of brand knowledge of automotive history is one of the pinions that oiled our thinking when we recommended, in 2009, that STP celebrated fifty years of Land Speed Record sponsorship by becoming a founder sponsor of Bloodhound SSC, the British bid to be the first to crest 1000mph in a World Land Speed Record attempt.

Having successfully brokered the relationship, we set to with compelling marketing campaigns to highlight STP’s involvement, via above- and below-the-line campaigns.

And the crescendo is building, with the record bid starting in 2019, which will coincide nicely with the 60th anniversary of STP’s involvement with the fastest men and women on earth. Watch this space.

It’s all about engines….

Ever since the early days of the motorcar, the gateway to personal mobility, engines have been at the heart, and so it’s a big shout out to Nikolaus Otto who in 1876, patented the ubiquitous internal combustion engine (although Dutchman Christian Huygens would have been destined for some form of fame – or infamy – had he proceeded with his gunpowder-fuelled engine some two hundred years earlier).

STP’s global leadership in engine care products, and a buoyant global market for engine prep and tuning amongst hard-core enthusiasts, provided the launchpad for another MPH creative spark to promote the brand, and celebrate the best of the best DIY engine masters. Called STP ENGINUITY, our campaign provided a high energy platform to promote via all PR channels, print advertising, influencers and media partnerships.